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Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Maybe you are wondering why is it important?

Macros enabled and disabled

For Microsoft Excel, the difference between .XLSX and .XLSM files is quite simple. The .XLSM file type uses macros integrated into the sheet that has a code function to automate a process in the sheet. A .XLSX file does not use macros anywhere on the spreadsheet.

If you work in a secure setting you have a service that offers you to host your information somewhere. It means you can save a document on a secure place that can be accessed by your team and shared with management or co-workers.

macros enabled

If this is a serious situation for you, you probably can't upload .XLSM files. These files are "Macro enabled". It means trying to program VBA is pointless and you have to stick to the limits of the excel functions system. For some these limits are crippling, but for us at Table Originals it doesn't stop us. As the lead designer at Excel says: "the function language is a new programming language with all it's required features". What he says is true! Excel is a very powerful tool and it's mastery can help you take control on so many key indicators that you need to be able to take the right decisions at the right time.

If you have an organization that needs a file for a process, Excel will fill that niche. It can track spending, track hours, measure KPI's, Build Action Plans, create Power BI dashboards, report on billable and non-billable hours and create fun and intuitive tools for your team. You can trust our team to give you a helping hand. This .XLSM limitation has forced us to re-invent a lot of how we use Excel. Conditional formats are mind blowing. I've seen a file that had space invaders working only with conditional formatting and mouse placement. The power behind the conditional formatting button is unforeseen by many.

It has also given us some more use to emoji's and looking up Pictures....

Looking up pictures you say?

Yes it's possible! You can make a table with pictures in it and build lookup functions to find the right one. Even more powerful is the use of Emoticons as tools with our data validation and result measurements! ✔❌⚠😁🔥 All can be very useful at making check boxes. If you are curious about some more of these clever uses of EXCEL, Join our blog or follow us on Youtube & TikTok


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