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Why Google Sheets over Excel?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

First off, kudos to google for making google sheets. It's amazing.

The best part of google forms and google sheets for me is they are free. They let you make easy to use questionnaires that can build data tables to analyze with either Excel or google sheets and integrate easily. To start, you visit and you can create a simple, easy to use form for mobile, tablet and PC questionnaire. The answers you collect will end up in a table.


Simply, you visit and you can create a simple and easy to use on mobile, tablet and PC questionnaire. The answers you collect will end up in a table.

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As you might know or not, there are many things you can do with a table of information. Easily enough you could create a dashboard of your results and discover what matters.

Second, it has very powerful basic features like a date picker and a easy to use check boxes.

Google sheets check boxes

These features enable you to create amazing UX tables and interfaces for your users that are fun and creative. It enables files for kids and people who don't like using Excel and consider it scary. Google Sheets has a more accessible touch to it and it requiring only a google account to view and use.

Last one for this blog post, maybe I'll type out some more awesome insights about Google sheets in later updates :) Image lookups. Did you know you could host pictures inside cells? When you insert a picture in a google sheet, you can choose to insert an image in the cell or over the cells.

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This let's you create very powerful tools by being able to lookup a picture to create a dashboard. It can make for easy to use and very user friendly files. If you want to communicate with kids or elders, often google sheets can make it easier. This is done through the forms feature and the options to make it fast, fun and well detailed. We've used Google Sheets to make Pixel Art exercises for kids and even a whole game around learning arithmetic's. It's in 3 languages and showcases a lot of fun and intuitive google sheets methods! visit my page here. You can try it for only 25 dollars on Teachers Pay Teachers if you're interested

We've also used google sheets to make tools for business to measure and analyze key performance statistics. We've also used this tool to track and understand business culture in addition to the connection with staff. All that was done in google docs with no scripts.

While working at making Google Sheet compatible documents, we also had the chance to make a nuclear emergency monitoring strategy tool that is also compatible with the tool. The one constraint with Google Sheets is the resource scheduling aspect couldn't be completed. I hope you liked this short blog about the power of google sheets. If you need someone to develop a file for you or if you need to update your team or your teachers at using Google Sheets and it's power. Trust us with it, it will transform them!


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