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Data Sorting in Excel - Essential Excel skills series

1. Select a cell with the data.

2. Select Home>Sort & Filter

3. Select one of the following options:

  • Sort A to Z - Sorts the selected column in ascending order

  • Sort Z to A - Sorts the selected column in descending order

  • Custom Sort - Sorts data in multiple columns by applying different sort criteria.

Here is how to do the custom sort option:

  1. Select Custom Sort

  2. Add Level.

  1. Select the Column you want to sort by from the drop-down menu, then select the second column you want to sort by. Sort by Department and Then by Status, for example.

  2. For Sort On, select Values.

  3. For Order, select a following option: A to Z, Smallest to Largest, or Largest to Smallest.

  4. For each additional column that you want to sort by, repeat steps 2-5.

  5. Check the My data has headers checkbox, if your data has a header row.

  6. Select OK.


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