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VLOOKUP - How and When to Use It

VLOOKUP function is used when a person is trying to find a piece of information in a large set of data

  1. In the Formula Bar, type =VLOOKUP().

  2. In the parenthesis enter the lookup value followed by a comma. So in the example formula below it would be H3

  • =VLOOKUP(H3,B3:F25,3,FALSE)

3. Enter the table array. This represents the range of data you want to search where you think the answer is. In the above Example that range is B3:F25.

4. Enter the column index number. This is is the column where you think the answers are and will be to the right of your lookup values. In the above example it's 3.

5. Enter TRUE or FALSE. TRUE for partial matches and FALSE for exact matches.

So lets look at the other full formula....


  • H2 is the lookup value

  • B3:E9 is the range you want to search

  • 4 is the column index number where you expect the answer to be

  • FALSE because we want an exact match in our search


The Table Originals team

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