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The rise of online courses since COVID

Since Covid started in late 2019, there's been a trend in people taking courses online. The trend is that it's much easier to learn things online than in real life while avoiding the hazards of Covid. While this isn't always the case, it does make sense that people would prefer to learn about a subject from their computer and comfort of home than a stranger in person. Many workplaces are starting to see online training as a standard across Canada and the United States.

Many people are starting to take courses online because they have the opportunity and time to do so. This means that it's easier for people who don't have a lot of free time but need to learn something new or brush up on their skills. The other reason why this trend is growing is because technology has advanced so much that it's easy for someone with an internet connection and computer to learn anything they want—even if they don't have a teacher in real life. This is why Table Originals has seen a growth in demand for Excel courses and training for workplaces online.

The good thing about online courses is that they're convenient. It's easy for people to sign up and access their coursework at any time, which means that a workplace can access them as a resource when they're in demand.

The other advantage of taking an online course is that it's often cheaper than going to college or university because there are no costs associated with attending class—a workplace can update their workforce for very little cost.

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